2/13/18–Incoming CME…No big deal.

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    Hi all…

    A little update because I’m seeing internet activity “flare” up(Pun intended) on some fear-driven sites today….Nothing to worry about.

    Yes, a flare is incoming…Opinions vary on arrival time and density.(estimates for arrival vary from Tuesday PM impact to NASA’a estimate of Thursday)
    Me thinks Wed AM PST at best personal estimate….

    On this one not too worried myself but I do expect an uptick in earthquake activity for the next 4-5 days as there is a coronal hole stream(also from the Sun) that will be arriving shortly after the CME hits weakening our shield slightly.(It will be in flux while recovering from the impact when the stream arrives)

    Too early to tell on est. magnitudes and most likely areas of effect for quake locations yet….I’ll be watching OLR(outgoing long-wave radiation) maps to try to pinpoint areas of interest(Deep stuff and not going to explain it here keeping it simple)….

    Magnitude 6+ is what I’ll be trying to pinpoint, if anything can be predicted at all…..Good opportunity to try to show this but as any on here for any length of time already know I’ve made it abundantly clear already that this is not an exact science….. yet.

    From initial looks I’m saying SE Asia/Philippines but this will change as the OLR maps change in the coming days…Ring of fire area.

    Again, NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT….(in bold and big from previous request made here so no one misses it…lol.)

    NASA SPIRE prediction…(will remain real-time visual here)…..Prediction here estimates Thursday hit at the same time as the coronal hole stream.

    KP INDEX….(Real-Time visual)…….Will show impact when it hits…Green=Good—-Red=Storm)
    Also used to be aware of space events and potential health effects while in storm…

    More to come later all… Fun Stuff!..Be well



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