FOOD STORAGE-2 Liter Bottles

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    We started using them for storing dried food. A 2 liter bottle holds 8 cups of Pinto beens 🙂 almost 4 pounds. Also 7 cups of rice.(in a different bottle 🙂 ) What are you using them for ? How much do they hold ? BTW a 1/2 gallon ball jar holds 6 cups of rice. 😀

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    If you’re on a very tight budget then re-using 2-liter bottles for dry good storage is decent protection for your food for virtually free. If you can stretch your budget a bit, the gold standard is mylar bags that you then store in plastic buckets or tubs.
    When I buy mylar bags 100 at a time, the 1 gallon ziplock top type bags run 50 cents each. Heat sealing them can be done with a hair straightener – I got one for less than $20 on clearance from a drug store. Lots of other options too, but all have extra costs.
    Back when I was starting out I used to refill the bottles with water, so I’d have some on hand for storms and what not – haven’t used them for anything else since I’m not sure how well they keep oxygen out of the food.

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