2018 JULY – What Did You Do To Prepare This Week/Month?

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    A couple weeks ago, we had to do an unexpected car repair and I had to dip into emergency fund to fix it. It was good having that money available, but I’ve been feeling antsy about filling the coffers of the emergency fund to my comfort level again. I didn’t like it getting so low.

    When I sold the couches, I put the money in the fund. And then I had a little epiphany. We have some stuff laying around that we haven’t used in 12 years, still in good shape, just put it away, and forgot about it.

    So I put that stuff up for sale on our online garage sale in this area. Sold everything for the price I stated, and now the emergency fund is back up to my comfort level.

    The cool thing is, on payday, I always drop some into the fund, and this month, it will be OVER my comfort level.

    Now I’m thinking about other stuff to sell – this is easy money!

    Husband is rolling his eyes and telling me not to get too sell-happy – he might need some of the stuff around here for projects!

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    Today was grocery shopping and yard sales.

    Grocery shopping:

    Restocked what we used


    A variety of canned soups to restock for winter
    Canned milk (evaporated, and condensed)

    Yard sales:

    3 DVDs for 50 cents each (I’m slowly replacing the kid movies we gave to niece and nephew so when other kids visit we have entertainment)

    White tablecloth (quilt backing) – 75 cents


    Got a call from the farm/ranch store this morning…the turkey poults were FINALLY in! Two breeds…Bourbon Reds, and Royal Palms. I got 6 of each, leaving four each for the store. One of the Royal Palm poults remaining is one they had isolated, as it was NOT doing well…half the size of the others, and just not as strong; the others were picking on it, as well. So, because they figured it probably wouldn’t make it, they GAVE it to me, free of charge. I have it isolated in it’s own box within the brooder box, with it’s own food and water supply. We’ll see if it makes it.


    Nice day today so I mowed the grass, started the generators and left them run for about 20 minutes each, rotated 15 gallons of gas, burnt the garbage (paper and cardboard), recharged the solar lanterns, recharged AAA, AA, and 9 volt batteries in the solar chargers. Heading to the outdoor flea market in the city tomorrow since it’s on my way to camp.


    Met up with a coworker of daughter’s, and came home with 2 new male ducks to replace the 2 killed by a coyote. Also harvested a bunch of potatoes, re-planted “seed” potatoes, and harvested the first of the carrots.

    The little runt turkey didn’t make it. After it made it through the night and most of today, I was hopeful, but some time between me going in to make dinner and coming back afterward, it died.


    I’m sorry about the little poult, Ice.

    I’m really getting into this online garage sale stuff. Sold some old patio chairs today! More money went into the emergency fund.

    Husband found some old windows that we’d bought before we built the house, and never used. I’ll list them online once we get them cleaned up and measured.

    I sewed sleeve hems on two shirts today. I’m trying to sew a little each day, haven’t succeeded very well, but I’m working on it.


    Got another bed planted with the little potatoes I harvested yesterday. Harvested some red onions today…one was softball size, so we cut it up and put it on the grill…yummy!

    Friends of son-in-law’s came over to help paint and do some other work on their house…one of them is a contractor (does remodeling) and had some extra materials he wanted to get rid of, so he brought over a truckload: paint, 2x4s and other wood; and he took the old truck engine that had been left by the previous occupants. He’s interested in the big propane tank, and we’ll trade for building supplies and a couple of freezers, etc.


    The eye surgery went well. My first follow up appointment had me at 20/20 the day after. One week of drops and light handling, so I’m staying away from doing anything to cause an issue for the next few weeks until my next follow up.

    Purchased my entry to the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA for September. Went for the first time last year and had a blast.

    Garden has been productive. Cucumbers were great producers this year, had good green peppers and plum tomatoes too. Jalapenos were just so-so. I think those plants caught something after the first round of flowering.

    Made up some multiple route maps from office to home, for biking or walking. To be laminated and stowed, just as soon as I can find/dig out my laminating machine…

    Collected more books, but always doing that. 🙂


    I’m jealous of your garden, Mike. Mine is pathetic this year. I’ve gotten a handful of tomatoes in recent weeks, and that’s it.

    Ice – glad you got some help, and nice bartering!

    I sold an old sink on our online garage sale today. It’s been hanging around here for nearly 12 years. Money went into the emergency fund.


    Another “goody” that the contractor friend brought over was one of those “Gorilla Carts” which I promptly claimed for using in the garden. The tires were flat, but I aired them up today, and now they’re fine, and I have a garden cart that will fit on my pathways between the garden beds (the wheelbarrow was too big.)

    Speaking of, he just showed up to daughter’s house with another pickup and trailer load…besides wood, he brought a BIG fountain; several large garden pots; an outdoor “sofa” that has drawers underneath, and a canopy with curtains (they’ll need to be washed) and all of the cushions; three nice wood doors; several sheets of glass (can be used for greenhouse or cold frames) still in the cardboard padding; a whole bunch of really nice large solar garden lights; and a few other items. It was all stuff that was abandoned at the job site, so was free for the taking.

    After spending an hour and a half shoveling manure and moving it to the “future fertilizer” pile, took hubby’s brush mower in to the shop for repair (it wouldn’t start), made arrangements for the farrier to come (Thursday) to trim the horses’ hooves (we don’t shoe, just trim…these horses have NEVER been shod, and at their current ages (10 and 18) it’s a little late to start…they wouldn’t exactly be cooperative.

    Also started harvesting squash…got some spaghetti squash, and what looks to be pumpkins from seed planted LAST year that never came up until THIS year. Also harvested close to a pound of green beans. Divided them into 2 packages, and had one of them tonight with dinner.


    Husband started a new project today. He went to a local source and picked up one of those water totes. He plans to have a set of three on a solid foundation to harvest rainwater for the garden. He has to build the foundation, first. Probably concrete, and some wood barriers, too. Not sure what is involved but I have been recruited to help with the concrete. 🙂

    I “invented” a sewing pattern for a little tote to carry crayons and a composition notebook for coloring in. Each crayon has it’s own little slot except the end ones, there’s 2 in them. I had looked on pinterest for ideas, and there were several, but all carried the crayons sideways or upside down when closed. I figured kids would lose them quick. So I made my own pattern with two rows of crayons and a slot for the notebook, too. I also put two snaps on the handles to hold the whole contraction closed when carrying or not in use. Now that I made one, I’ll do them in several colors for boys/girls and put them in the consignment shop.


    I misspoke on the stuff the contractor friend brought over…it wasn’t abandoned and free for the taking….it was stuff he would have had to pay to DISPOSE of so we did him a favor by taking the stuff, and he did us a favor by bringing over stuff we could use.

    Weeded all around the greenhouses, this morning, and put down 3 foot wide weed barrier all around.

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