2x4x8 Disaster Shelter

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    Almost 30 days after hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast, a man came up to me asking for one of the tents that had been donated so that he could get his family out from under the tarps that they had been sleeping under.

    As I watched him walk away, between piles of wooden debris, happy to have this new shelter, I could not help put wonder why he had not just built a 2x4x8 log home. After all, piles of lumber lay ready to be recycled into a temporary home right there on his own property. nails, shingles, tin, etc…

    So what to you think, what 2x4x8 shelter home design would be the best in situations like this. Give us your best design.

    I would like to see designs for one without tools and one that could be built with a simple set of tools, like a hammer, hand saw, tape measure, and level that could be sent to a disaster area in a tool pod.

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