4" or Less EDC Knives That R Legal in Florida

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    I want to buy a quality EDC knife that is legal to carry in Florida. The law in Florida isn’t very descriptive: regarding “concealed weapons” the law says you are allowed to carry a “common pocketknife,” but doesn’t set forth the definition of a “common pocket knife.” I did a Google search and it apparently there were different cases in which a “common pocket knife” was defined. For instance, it has to be 4” or less when it is closed. Florida case law has determined that a knife is not a “common pocket knife” if it has serrations, a notch grip, hilt guard, and locking mechanism. Here is a site that explains some of the Florida knife laws: http://www.knifeup.com/florida-knife-laws-explained/

    So, can anyone give me any good recommendations for a folding knife that meets the Florida laws? I was looking at Kershaw, SOG, Ka-bar and Gerber knives. But, there are a limited amount of knives that are 4” or less and are non-serated. One of the most difficult things for me is to determine the quality of the knives. For instance, I don’t know which type of steel is better than others. I also don’t want a flimsy knife.

    BTW, I’m even more confused about the open carry rules of Florida. Can I open carry any type of knife I want? If a cop sees the clip of the knife in my pocket, does that mean it’s considered an open carried knife (i.e. not a concealed weapon)?

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