.45 ACP: The Super Duper All-Purpose Universal Must Have?

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    T Willy

    Ok, long story short, I’ve shot 9mm ever since I got my own handguns. It’s relatively cheap and plenty strong enough for Average Joe Robber. However, numerous reports have come out saying that a 9mm may not be enough to stop a supped-up meth addict (there used to be a lab three houses from me).

    I’ve always like the 1911 style and the .45 ACP’s power seems appealing, but I’m nervous about the price of ammo and most weapon models. I

    Can anyone here tell me about there experiences with either the 1911 style or the .45 round? Is it as good as they claim? I have heard many American veterans talk about how they would never use a 9mm etc etc.

    I like collecting, but I would also use this for home defense.

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