$5 can of peanut butter!?!!?

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    Sooooo, we started really prepping right after Hurricane Katrina and seeing that FEMA didn’t help much. We live in a disaster prone area: earthquakes, floods, extremely high winds, nuclear fallout (just this month!!! Hanford, WA, plutonium release, look it up), and honest-to-god volcano (curse you Mt St Helens! as if we didn’t have enough crap to deal with already, haha). This week as I was shopping at Walmart I was totally floored at the price of Jif peanut better, $4.48 a can! When we started prepping a few years ago it was just $1.99 a can. I popped open a 6 year old jar of Jif last week and was eating it just fine. I figured we’ve saved an enormous amount of money on basics like that by stocking up when it was cheap or on sale. My god, a $5 jar of peanut butter! If we knew prices would get this crazy on basics, we’d have stocked up even more! Yikes!


    George McCoy

    Ohh wow that’s such wonderful news..

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