6th Annual Muller’s Lane Farm Homesteading Weekend

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    June 26-27, 2010

    This started on a Thursday evening, June 23, 2005 when Carla Emery* came to our place. She made me promise to keep this going. On Friday, I followed her down to the 2nd Annual Spoon River Homesteading Weekend that Timothy & Wendy Howerter were hosting. Wendy also made me promise to keep our weekend going. I promised both of them that we would.

    That fall/winter both Carla and Wendy passed over to the other side. Each of our weekends is dedicated to Carla and Wendy for their loving nature and their dedicationto this type of living.

    This year, possible events and classes include:

    Extreme Composting (Time Howerter leading)
    Knitting/Crocheting/other Fiber Arts
    Animal Care
    Harnessing & Driving draft horses
    Cooking on open fire with cast iron
    Solar Cooking
    Book Barter
    Animal Barter

    There will be music around the campfire at night (please bring musical instruments!)

    If you have a talent you would like to share with others, bring what you need.

    There will be no set time for classes/demonstrations. In keeping with our adage, “We don’t have a plan and we’re sticking to it!”

    Potluck both days, bring what you need and we’ll share with all.

    Primitive camping available (i.e. no water or electrical hook-ups). Central cook fire available. Hand punp water available. Small camper trailers are okay. Hotels available within 5 miles.

    If you are camping and would like to come set up on Friday evening, please let us know in advance!

    Please! No alcohol, firearms or pets.

    Feel free to bring musical instruments!

    For more information, call Paul & Cyndi at 815-625-2607 or email at mullerslanefarm@gmail.com

    * Calra Emerry wrote Enclyclopedia to County Living

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