A Buffalo Poem

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    Not the author came in my fb feed thought share since personally my city lot has now gotten over 90″ of snow. Everyday it snows from a few inches to 5 or 6. No thaw to speak of it’s a cumulative affect :'(
    Literally I have no place left to put it. Foreclosed home next door is being readied for market, the bank’s contractor made it a point to request no snow dumping on the property. So far drive-by snow dumping has been limited to areas where either homeowners can afford to have their drive plowed & it can be physically done (by shoving snow on neighbor’s lot.

    Hellstrip in front of my house sports 6′ high drifts which make it impossible to add more snow :'( without it falling back on to the sidewalk.

    I splurged bought a used single auger 24″ snow blower so far I’ve earned almost $50, 1/4 back in what I spent on it clearing neighbor’s walks & driveway approaches. Ordering a roof rake today more as a $ making tool than for my home since I have a 12×12 pitch.

    :wave: remind myself that as the calendar goes we are more than half way to Spring provided it ever does arrive 😉

    A Buffalo Poem

    It’s Winter in Buffalo,
    an a gentle breeze blows
    70 mph @ 10 below

    Oh how I love Buffalo,
    when snow’s up to your butt.
    You take a breath of Winter’s air
    and your nose gets frozen shut.

    Yes, the Winter here is wonderful,
    so I guess I’ll hang around.
    I could never leave Buffalo,
    cuz I’m frozen to the ground !

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