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    Vermin Supreme filed his papers and paid the fee to enter the 2016 race. It is his 7th attempt.

    Vermin Supreme running for president, still wants to give everyone a pony

    “In a field that includes 30 Republicans and 28 Democrats, the Maryland Democrat stands out for his unique headgear, lush, wizard-like beard, and consistently pro-pony platform. Asked about how he’d defeat terrorists, he answered “Hooves on the ground and boots on our heads!” Political Monitor reports that Mr. Supreme paid his $1,000 registration fee in $50 bills marked “not to be used for bribing politicians.”

    Included in the article is a short video showing Mr. Supreme having his guns and pony confiscated at the New Hampshire State House “all on behalf of some clown named Ben Carson”

    His other positions include:
    Government mandated toothbrushing for all citizens
    Traveling back in time to kill Baby Hitler
    Zombie Apocalypse Awareness and a zombie-based energy source

    Current Political Party: Anarchist (He has run as both a Democrat and Republican)

    Supreme’s vision of anarchism holds no need for government, but depends on citizens to take responsibility for themselves and for others, citing “mutual aid and support and care to our fellow citizens” as key elements. To that end, Supreme called for a gradual dismantling of the government, while citizens take up the slack. He asserted that Americans do not know anymore how to be citizens, placing some of the blame on schools that teach in “very twisted and jingoistic fashion”.

    Got my vote!

    Aunt Bee

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