A finicky aquarium fish

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    So its not fishing, i wanted to get some closeup experience with fish before I go fishing for real in the spring, and I wanted to work my hand back in at aquarium keeping because i hadn’t raised fish of any kind since i was eleven. So i bought a betta, a fish i always wanted to try keeping. One problem.

    He won’t eat the pellets I give him, Mister Betta (his name) only wants dead insects. I really wish I’d gotten him before i killed all the gnats in my planter, because then I just would have set his bowl on a clear space on the soil (the planter is definately big enough) and let him eat as many as he wanted that got too close.

    At least i have plenty of dead gnats, but he’s messy with them, he bites them in half or tears pieces off and leaves the rest. I dangled a dead spider still on its cobweb over his bowl, he zoomed to the surface to see what it was, very nearly hopped (a common behavior, they can jump up to three inches, Mister Betta just doesn’t seem to want to do this), up to grab it from me. And when i put the spider on the surface of the water, he tore a couple of legs off it and left the rest.

    According to wiki how, he can eat mosquito larvae, daphnia (no idea what they are), and brine shrimp, blood worms, and appearantly he likes insects. I am concerned however, because the pack of food i bought him should last for months, and he won’t touch a bite of it. Mosquitos aren’t coming for another six to eight weeks. What /am/ i gonna do with Mister Betta? I know this is the fishing section not the aquaculture section, but there are fish people here and i thought they might have some ideas about what to do.

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