A little female perspective plese?

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    Hello ladies, I have a man issue!!! LOL

    I’ve been seeing a man for about 6 months. He’s not a prepper but knows that I am. Now he makes these comments about us moving in together, blah blah blah. The other day he mentioned it again, but immediately followed with a comment about me “making” him work in the garden. I explained that the gardening would be my “my time” if need be, but he would be welcome to join me. Then the conversation moved to me making all the homemade things that I do and he simply stated that it freaks him out. I was rather stunned. I explained the money that I saved each month by doing things the way that I do ( no I didn’t mention the personal clothes yet) and he sees the logic of it, but he says I remind him of his mother.

    I think I’m at a loss of what to do next? I like the guy alot, not in love with him. We have several things in common, prepping not one of them obviously. So any ideas on how to get him to lean towards this way of thinking?

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