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    Hello fellow Hams,
    I have been accepted as a commant in So Calif and have posted a list of freqs that we can use for communication in the event of a crisis. Some of these will be recognized and used by prepper Hams as standard HF and FM freqs. I am open to suggestions and comments to the content and selection of these, but please PM me with your input.
    I have my general ticket right now and hope to test for extra in the near future.
    I hope with your help to further delvelop our communication capibilities and skills, with one of our main goals to encourage as many as possible to get their Ham licences.
    Freq; 80 meter 3.818 MHz LSB (lower sideband) standard Ham prepper plan
    80 meter 3.898 MHz LSB A.N.T.S.
    40 meter 7.242 MHz LSB standard Ham prepper plan
    40 meter 7.288 MHz LSB A.N.T.S.
    20 meter 14.242 MHz USB (upper sideband) standard Ham prepper plan
    20 meter 14.238 MHz USB
    2 meter 146.420 MHz FM standard Ham prepper plan
    2 meter 144.485 MHz FM simplex
    PSK31; I’m using a Signallink SL-1+ interface and Digipan software for text messages
    40 meter 7.090
    20 meter 14.080


    Bob/bunkerbob kg6xxx

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