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    I have a thought (I know, what a shock) several times I’ve seen it mentioned that you should take a weekend and test your prepping. In theory you would turn off all power, water and so on and then see how well you can live from what you have prepped. You are not allowed to go to the store, gas station or mall as these places have been shut down or it’s just plain unsafe to travel outside your home. The exception would be if you had to go to your job during this test, you shouldn’t avoid that unless you took planned vacation time. Here’s my thought, what if we did this as a forum, all together as a group. NIP would pick a month and sometime during that month your family would test your prep. The idea here is that during the month and after it everyone would report back here to talk about what worked and what did not, what they thought was a good idea but did or did not work out. Conversasion would also cover what you did to amuse yourself to pass the time. So how about it? NIP? Whisper? Kymber? I’d really like to see what everyone thinks especialy the state moderators.

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