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    Checking my FB this morning, I saw a post about a suspicious package on a hazardous chemical train car at the Daikan plant in Decatur. The reason it made the news is because they were evacuating all schools within a five-mile radius of the plant. The news recommended other folks stay in place. The local police, FBI, and what they called the Huntsville bomb squad (maybe they were from Redstone Arsenal) were on site. Browns Ferry (a GE boiling water reactor nuclear power plant) is six miles to the NW. The wind was blowing from the SW to the NE.
    Later they said the “danger” zone was a 25 mile radius. Huntsville is 26 miles to the E. My daughter-in-law and grandchildren live in Athens, 22 miles to the NE. The government still recommended staying in place. Instant messages go out. No reply. Emails go out. No reply. Phone calls go out. Only voice mail. I hope we learned a little from this. Did we know what to do? Did we know where to meet? Were we prepared to just pick up a bag and get out of the danger zone? Was there adequate gas in the car?
    Perhaps we can leverage this incident to revisit some of our preparations. It was later reported that the suspicious package was only two kilos of marijuana. So it was only almost a disaster. Let’s use it as a training exercise anyway.

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