A REALLY Close Call!

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    Well, Thursday afternoon I took a look at the weather radar on my computer at work just about 30 minutes before quitting time b/c the sky was starting to cloud up. Saw a big storm cell developing off to the south and heading northeast toward my route home (I work an hour NW of home). Well, I drive through storms all the time and they’ve never been any big deal. Just in case, I left maybe 3-4 minutes early to try and get a small jump on things. Well, I got about 30 minutes into the drive and things got BAD. I work in NE Texas and as I got down by Marshall, the sky was green right over town. My route makes me loop around the NE side of town and head toward the interstate then on to the Louisiana line so I thought I was still going to outrun everything. I was wrong. About 3 minutes later, the bottom fell out. Lighting was striking VERY close and hail started to pepper me. I figured I had better keep driving as I would be getting out in front of the storm if I kept going. After soldiering through the storm for about 5 more minutes, things cleared in front of me and I sailed on toward home. Lighting was so constant and bright behind me I thought it was 18 wheelers flashing their brights behind me everytime it struck. A few minutes later, I heard a tornado warning come over the radio! As I got home and turned on the TV, I soon discovered that the tornado touched down at the very spot where I get on the interstate! It was evidently RIGHT behind me! Friday when I drove to work I was amazed. The homes and businesses right next to the exit were gone and their remains were dispersed (along with several tree tops) all across the interstate and surrounding countryside. I’m never going to take severe storms for granted again! But I guess after I got myself in the situation, I lucked out by continuing to drive. If I had stopped, I would have risked having the tornado sail right over me. Thankfully it picked up fairly quickly and dissipated before it got near my house. Found out it was rated an F3. Don’t know what survival lessons could be learned. But had to share!

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