A rough start for this week

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    This week has been rough for our family. We buried my wife’s 100 yr old grandmother yesterday. It was a beautiful service. It’s amazing how many lives one person can touch. My father-n-law was the youngest of her 5 kids. He took this very hard as did the rest of us.
    This morning, my wife and I learned that one of my father-n-laws best friends was executed while opening up his store yesterday. He owned a pawn shop and closed his store to attend a funeral yesterday (our families funeral) and when he went back to his store, he was executed by a POS who shot another man earlier and raped a 15 yr old girl. I know, as a true believer, that I am to leave judgement up to God, but I am so po’ed right now that I am more than willing to help him meet his maker. As I said………it is amazing how one person can touch the lives of so many…
    good or bad.
    Please pray for our family.

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