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    Wasn’t sure where to put this so I thought this would be proper.

    Just watched the Glen Beck special on “A Rumor Of War”. Very interesting, very well done, very scary. I guess the two most important points I got were that our government is inept, disfuntional and about to lead us into something that shouldn’t be happening. The second is a NEW religion a radical religion that is in our face. “I know it’s not new”.

    Ive been preaching for several years now that it’s time to bring our people home, roll up the borders fix what ails us internally and kick the sh– out of anybody who messes with us. Not saying we should not assist other nations in need as we can, just saying we can no longer be the worlds policeman, we simply can’t do it anymore. The sad part is when someone especially an american talks like this people think their nuts.

    The thing Glen Beck does best is connect the dots on an international scale. I hate the man, yet I listen to him cuz he has an uncanny ability to research, cut thru the fluff and get the facts on the table. He’s messing up my retirement years and I don’t like that. Yet I take his advise to heart.

    Iran is very close to becoming a force to be reckoned with. We have screwed up oppertunity after oppertuntiy while they play the rest of the world like a fiddle. Our friends in the middle east are being pushed into a very very small corner, they are left with no choices but to remove the threat. The down side is that their are millions of Iranian’s who are not the problem yet they will pay the price.

    The ONLY thing keeping s safe is distance to target, assuming they don’t go mobile on a ship or Cuba or even Mexico or South America. Our president is as limp as a noodle regarding foriegn policy, he simply dosen’t have the skill sets or the knowlegable people around him. He’s busy trying to under mine our basic values and principals, via his dream of a new world order. Im sure Iran want’s to pay along

    What scares me even more is that I don’t see anybody in either party with the moxy or the vision to get us back on track and at the same time deal with a Nuke armed Iran. This is a big deal and they are coming, How do I know. I beleive them when they say they want to kill us all.

    They have the resources.
    They have an unlimited time table.
    They have the popular support of at least one arm of the Muslim religion.
    They have a base of operation.
    They have an unshakable will to kill us infidels.
    Their Resolve is greater then ours.
    They are willing to commit genicide on their own, to complete their mission.

    If you understand small war/gurella warefare doctrine this is the blue print. The only difference is they aren’t hiding, they understand our lack of resolve better then we do, they also recognize that our president lacks the fortitude to respond with force and that his words and deeds are fluff.

    I learned how to kill a poisonous snake as a small child. You cut it’s head off, it’s done. Why do we as a nation continue to think cutting the snakes tail off is going to solve the problem.

    Anyway if you have the oppertunity to watch the show you should, I believe it will give us all a better understanding of what we already know to be true.

    Dirk Williams

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