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    What all don’t you use if you do a trial run with no power. We don’t have much prepped but I think it would be interesting for my three younger kiddos to do a day with no power.

    So does that mean no water from the tap and food from the fridge or freezer? My daughter might have a fit with no ice cream. 😉 I have tested her on that before and not made a special trip for her favorite treat, she has Down syndrome and is a bit pampered.

    Anyway. I am thinking no lights or TV or regular cooking. Not sure on the water. I already handwash the dishes so I guess I would be boiling water for doing that or using paper plates? These are things I haven’t thought about. I guess I wouldn’t really want to use a limited water supply for washing dishes. Hmmmm. I sure have a lot of work to do.

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    It all started when i unknowingly fractured my upper right wisdom tooth, 3 days before thanksgiving. I was in a lot of pain, but i didn’t think I’d be able to get to a dentist until after thanksgiving.

    Well, on wednesday my mom comes to my door with her cellphone and says “I have the dentist on the line” now it was raining, it was COLD, it was miserable. I did NOT want to go out more than necessary that day. But my TOOTH hurt, the bread sponge needed flour, and i had to get my depo shot at 3. I was extremely conflicted, cold and no pain, or pain pain and more pain.

    In the end, it was the receptionist promising that I’d be back in time for my shot that made me decide to grab my backpack, the long emergency, a bottle of water, and my poor battered repeatedly dropped on its head DS and run for the bus stop. Mom had even lent me her bus pass. Only she wasn’t paying attention to the bus schedule, i was. The bus had passed by 5 minutes after she came to my door with the phone. I had an /hour/ to wait.

    I FROZE, i got some headway through “The long emergency” didn’t even touch the DS. But i froze. And the dentist’s office turned out to be close enough to walk to. Mom had simply thought the bus would be more comfortable with a broken tooth in the rain and late fall chill. So the tooth got pulled, and i realized, after looking at the schedule. that I had /just/ missed the bus home. FUMING that mom hadn’t looked at the schedule I weighed my options.

    Option 1. Wait for an hour in the rain, and freeze, get home too late to have lunch and then have to run out unfed an hour later for my shot.
    Option 2. Walk home in freezing rain, and turn the incident into a prepping exercise. After all, you’re supposed to know what spots near your home have water, such as rivers and lakes, you’re supposed to know where the woods are so you can get firewood. Know the terrain in case you have to bug out. And I still hadn’t tested Les Stroud’s tips for temperature regulation outside. You also can’t pick when a survival situation arises, the tooth and the gauze in my mouth would hamper communication for the walk, though the anesthesia dulled any pain. But what if it had been worse?

    So i took option 2. I turned the incident into a prepper exercise, scouting out water along my route home, as well as forests (there were plenty along that road). I found a lumber yard nearby, and a choirpractor (sp) office with a bunch of solar panels on top. I found a stream and a river. And I found a large stand of pines and a field of some kind of reed. I also discovered that in that area was someone’s private property. Complete with no tresspassing signs and alarm systems. I got to observe the effects of wire around a tree trunk, and feel the texture of a trunk thats been abraided by a fence and cut down in the process.

    Temperature regulation also worked quite well, my intuition had told me that my body heat would respond if i walked home. After all, les stroud did this in several of his episodes in cold climes. By the time I got up the hill and was closing on home and the bus went past, I was comfortable in my sweater without a coat. The scouting trip gave me a bit of new confidence, to the point where i actually considered going all the way down the road for an hour or two to see what was past the dentist’s office.

    It goes to show, when life gives you rain and pain, make it a prepping exercise.


    Was substitute teaching in a neighboring town today (about 30 miles away). Just before I was ready to leave, got a call from my husband….his car was still at work, dead, so he wanted me to pick him up from the house (he had our daughter pick him up and take him home earlier) and go jump start it. He didn’t even have jump cables in his car!

    Jump starting it didn’t work, (think it’s a fuel injector issue, NOT the battery) so I called the auto club (he didn’t have his card on him) and we waited for the tow truck to show up (from another town) for over an hour. By the time they got there, it was dark. Good thing I had a FLASHLIGHT in the truck–the tow truck guys did NOT have a flashlight with them. 😕 so loaned them mine. Led them to the dealership (since they were from out of town, they didn’t know where it was), got the car dropped off (again loaning them the flashlight so they could see what they were doing) and FINALLY got home around 7:30.

    So, let’s see….Him….no jump cables, no auto club card with him; tow truck guys, no flashlight, and no idea where they were going; Me…jump cables, auto club card (it stays in my wallet), directions for the tow truck guys, and flashlight. It’s a good thing ONE of us was prepared!


    Last night the electricity went off..while I was at my computer reading comments here. 😕
    Within 30 seconds I had gone to the hallway closet, put on my head lamp, got matches there, and lit a lantern from the emergency kit I keep there. 😉
    I then went to the other rooms and lit the lanterns there.
    I went outside with my head lamp on and lit up the entire yard, checking for burglars, etc..well, you never know!! :whistling:
    I stood there viewing the other 9 houses on our street and the other 5 adjoining our street—what??? Total darkness. 😯
    When dh came home, he said our house lit up like a campfire in the dark woods.. :thumbsup:
    It was many, many minutes before I saw evidence of any candles in the other houses.
    But, sadly, most stayed dark.
    I’m gonna be okay. :shakeyes:

    Thanks to all I learned from great people on the prepper sites. :thumbup:

    (and dh ate that homemade beef/vegetable soup and cornbread by lantern light)


    After lurking several furums for ideas, we are planning another bug in weekend- before it gets too hot…Turning off water, electricity, gas, TV, cell phones. Using generators to run freezer and fridge. Any other ideas or constraints?


    So often my preps sit unused in our storage room, ready for action. In Ohio, we are hitting very cold weather (even for this time of year) with the lows in the high 20’s. Of course when I went to turn on my heater to get the morning chill out, it went keeerrrrrputttt. For the last few days the chill has worked itself out (lows were high 30’s, highs low 50’s) and we didn’t do anything but switch over our sheets to flannel and put the boys in their blanket sleepers. Last night it got into the 20’s and dh was worried with the parts still set to arrive for the furnace. He was going to go out and spend $100 to buy a few electric heaters. I sweetly reminded him of our Heater Buddy that I purchased last year. At first he was resistant because he didn’t want to waste the propane. (ha!) So we got it ready and put it in our hallway (all of our bedrooms are off this hallway in our 900 sq ft house) and opened all of the doors (closed the bathroom doors). For only being rated for 200-300 sq ft, it sure warmed up the house. We turned it off during the night after it warmed us up, and I have it on again to get the morning chill out.

    It’s nice when the preps we buy serve their purpose. We also have a wood stove we can break out (not out now d/t space) and vent through the window in a long-term emergency.

    So what are you all doing to warm up in the cold, should your furnace or power go out?

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