a use for plastic grocery bags

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    I always try to think of other uses for things but the plastic grocery bag always stumped me, its free and goes into landfills if unused so I really wanted to think of a use for them, I came up with the idea to use them for sandbags, both for defense, building, and to avoiding flooding. by themselves they are not strong at all but if you double or triple bag and tie them up with the handles im sure you could build a pretty good sandbag wall. my thought was to use these for roadblocks, (my plan is to block the 5 roads into my neighborhood) blocking first story windows, and building up grow beds. I don’t have to worry about flooding due to the large revene right behind my house but if you have flooding problems this could probably work. obviously the military ones are better but they’re like a dollar each, might not sound like much but it would add up quick. I just keep all of my old bags bundled up in my closet, doesn’t take much room at all.

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