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    Since the following refers to APN, I thought I’d post in ‘Forum News’. If it’s in the wrong place, feel free to move!

    Americans get set for disaster day
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8587464.stm” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false;

    Excerpts: (Go to link to see full article)

    If there was ever a major disaster in northern Virginia, Chuck Izzo’s house is Greenville is where you would want to be.

    Tucked away in his pantry are enough tinned food and water to last for two months.

    In the basement an inverter hums quietly, charging batteries that could easily power most of his three-storey home’s lights and appliances for nine hours.

    And for when that runs out, he has a wood-burning stove with a two-month supply of fuel pellets so he can cook and heat the whole house.

    Mr Izzo is a “prepper”, one of a growing number of Americans who are preparing their homes and families to survive a major disaster they believe could arrive at any time.


    Since its inception just 15 months ago, the American Preppers Network and its associated state networks now get more than 5,000 hits a day.


    Rather than isolating themselves in preparation for Armageddon, preppers tend to have normal jobs, mingle with their communities and take a more relaxed view about looming disasters.

    Tom Martin, who began the American Preppers Network makes the distinction. “A survivalist is more a specific term,” he says.

    “For me, a survivalist is someone who can go into any type of situation and live off the land. Me, I’m not like that.

    “People call themselves survivalists because they’ve got guns and MREs (military ready-to-eat meals). A prepper is a more generalised term. “

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