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    Quite a few people here have mentioned that they bought some of those solar yard lights for using indoors in an ‘electric-free’ emergency situation.

    I bought six a couple of weeks ago, and I have some questions. Well, actually, just one main question: Why bother? I must be missing something here, other than the no-open-flame danger.

    I removed the seal and left one in the bright sunlight all day, and then brought it indoors. The only use I can see for these is possibly preventing someone from falling over a light-colored sleeping dog in the dark.

    Each light puts out 1 lumen. That’s equivalent to 1 candlepower or candela. I would be surprised if they put out the light of a one-wick candle.

    The next week, I went to a couple of stores and looked over their supply of solar lights, and ALL of them were either labeled for a single lumen, or it wasn’t indicated at all (and I really looked).

    So, I’m baffled. Why bother?

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    Someone mentioned the $3.00 solar driveway lights at Walmart, the other day. I can’t remember who it was. I went to Walmart a few minutes ago. They did a rollback. The lights are $1.50 now. I bought 2 for $3.00. I have one in the sun. I took the other one apart. It’s easy to do. There are 3 screws that hold the bottom plate on. The lights have 1 led bulb.
    The lights have an automatic switch. Right not the light is on because it is not pointed directly at the overhead light in my room. If I point the light directly at the overhead light, the solar light cuts off. Considering that the solar light has only 1 led, it is fairly bright. There is 1 rechargeable AA battery inside the light and is easily removed. Pretty neat.


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