Accidental Container Gardening

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    My son participated in Boy Scouts this year and a couple of weeks ago he came home with a small tray of seeds he planted. I asked the scout leader what they planted and she said the boys chose from several different things (watermelon, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes). My son must have a green thumb because his plants have taken off! I have no idea what’s growing, but it excited me and so I’ve bought some of those Jiffy trays and planted some tomatoes and bell peppers. The bell peppers have already sprouted and I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this sooner!

    I hope everything makes it. I will be transplanting them into pots and containers soon. We live in an apartment, but some of these will be going to my parent’s backyard for growing, too. Our sunny windows and spaces are limited in our apartment, so I set them on top of the stove and let them get light from the overhead vent-a-hood light. Apparently, it’s working. I remove them from this light in the evening.

    I’m so excited that we may be able to save some money on vegetables this year! :clap:

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