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    As we are coming to the end of another year and about to start a new one, thought I would start a thread for folks to share their prepper accomplishments for 2017 and share their prepper goals for 2018.

    2017 was our first full year on the homestead. We had just moved into the house in December 2016 so there was still a lot to be done. We accomplished the following:

    First large garden, along with preservation of tomatoes, peppers, green beans and zucchini
    Chicken coop built, 12 chickens ordered and by early Decembers all are laying
    3 bay carport built
    Solar installed – panels on said carport
    Gutters installed and rain catchment hooked up (those were brought with us in move)
    First year of good muscadine production and preservation of grapes via jelly, jam and juice
    Planted 6 blueberry bushes
    Expanded garden to include 3 galvanized beds planted with strawberry plants
    Felled pine trees to facilitate sun exposure on solar panels
    Moved large pine logs to strategic locations for future security needs
    Built shelving in utility room (more storage! yay!)
    Polaris UTV
    Deer Stand w/food plots
    Installed permanent propane tank for camper

    Goals for 2018

    Totally fence large garden – double in size this spring
    Move debris and undergrowth to make another garden up near the vineyard
    Plant trees to replace those lost in solar panel exposure – dwarf fruit trees
    Plant new blackberry thicket – area is cleared where pine trees were
    Preserve more tomatoes and green beans
    Purchase 2 additional solar panels, an additional battery and spare parts
    Insulate under our house
    Build a wood shed
    Plant a chicken garden

    That’s all I can think of at this time!
    Please share your accomplishments and goals! And putting goals in writing makes them more “real”!
    And sharing with friends makes us more accountable.

    Happy New Year – here’s to a great 2018 of preparedness, self sufficiency and homesteading!

    Mrs FP



    These are the projects we finished last year:

    Remove mesquite from garden
    Fence garden
    Remove mesquite by vineyard
    Remove mesquite behind dog yard
    Fix driveway rut
    Remove mesquite from pond areas, extend/deepen ponds – 1, 2
    Create water runoff from driveway to pond
    Remove mesquite from orchard area
    Remove mesquite behind garage
    Remove mesquite behind garden
    Motorcycle/tool shed
    Build goat pen
    Get livestock (Chickens, roosters, goats)
    Build stable
    Expand corral
    “She shed”/sewing/craft shed

    These are the things we have finished so far in 2018:

    Build 2nd goat pen (for “the boys”)
    Get livestock (bees, turkeys, cattle, ducks)
    Build goat barn/Cow shed
    Build, weed, till, manure and drip irrigation system perimeter beds, and plant
    Weed garden, manure, re-do irrigation interior beds and plant
    Create “duck yard” with “duck house”

    Things that are “in progress” or on the “To Do” list: (might extend into 2019 or beyond)

    Build new chicken coops, runs, wire run bottoms (in progress)
    Re-do roofing on stable (in progress)
    Build front gate “chute” (in progress)
    3-bin composter (in progress)
    Take junk to dump (in progress–have 2 certificates for a “free dump”, starting May 1st)
    Set up aquaponics system – Sump, Fish tank, grow beds (in progress)
    Aquaponics greenhouse
    Plant citrus and bay trees
    Garden toolshed (in progress)
    Set up greenhouses, roof, side, and build doorway (in progress)
    Irrigation trenches/piping for orchard (in progress)
    Tropical greenhouse (in progress)
    Build, weed, till, manure and set up drip system new small raised beds (5)
    Build, weed, manure, and till large raised beds (2)
    Irrigation trenches/piping for orchard (in progress)
    Plant orchard
    Plant olive trees
    Fence orchard area
    Irrigation trenches/piping along fence lines
    Plant berry and rose bushes along fence lines
    Build hay barn/ tack room
    Fence vineyard area
    Plant Vineyard
    Remove mesquite from far back and side fence lines
    Fence far back and side
    Animal sheds/housing (geese, sheep, swine, etc)
    Get livestock (geese, pigs, sheep)
    Set up/Hook up generator backup for well
    Switch to manual/wind/solar power for well, “She shed”, and “canning kitchen”
    Add solar/wind for greenhouses, houses
    Get rid of car parts
    Sell motorcycle
    Sell propane tank
    Build and equip “processing” shed
    Build smokehouse
    Remove mesquite from pasture areas
    Plant pasture(s)
    Clean out, repair, refill, plant pond perimeters, and stock ponds – 1, 2
    Poultry/rabbit shed and run
    Build deck/cover/walkways
    Buy auger, brush mower, plow/discer, lift forks for tractor
    Tractor/equipment barn



    Update on projects progress:

    Irrigation trenches/piping for orchard (Done)
    Plant orchard (Done)
    Tropical greenhouse (Done)



    Got the cabin (3rd bedroom/hobby room) built
    Got the carport built

    Goals 2018:
    Powerwash and re-stain both decks
    Clean out garage for man-cave
    Set up Fisher stove in garage
    Gravel under decks, carport and new driveway areas
    Permanent setup for generator
    New flooring for cabin (we don’t like the OSB board look after all)
    Seamless gutters for cabin
    Paint living room
    Build secret storage sofa table

    That’s not the entire list, but that’ll probably take us most of the spring and summer, due to Husband’s hernia operation in late May.



    Transition post-divorce from house to rental preparedness posture (have what I need, but the location isn’t the ideal…It is what it is)
    1st container garden in transition space (success)
    Mother Earth News Fair 1st time (had a great time!)
    Cover gaps in supplies, like medical (did well on a budget)
    Improve knowledge/skills (improved medical mostly)

    Bottle 2016/2017 Mead (1 of 3 batches bottled)
    Another container garden (doing well given the weather)
    New eyes, remove prescription vision (Lasik scheduled for July)
    Range time (planned over the summer)
    Acquire more books (need a new bookcase…)
    Downsize unnecessary possessions (planned over the summer)
    Improve knowledge/skills (Radio/Electronics focus is the plan)
    Improve health (ongoing)
    Mother Earth News Fair (September)
    Begin micro-homestead property search in PA (Fall into 2019)



    With Husband’s operation, the only thing we’ve accomplished on our 2018 list is getting seamless gutters installed on the cabin.

    However, he has also built a new wood rack, acquired about 2 cords of wood for this coming winter (from yard sales) and burned the termite riddled old wood we didn’t use last year.



    Roofing on the stable is now done…son-in-law and a friend of his put on the new rolled roofing this morning, so that’s one more thing on the list that’s finished.

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