Acidifying Tomato Sauce

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    My wife and I would like to begin canning our family pasta sauce, making it shelf-stable so that we can free up some room in the freezer for other items. We just purchased the materials needed to perform basic water bath canning, and also read up on the safety issues concerning canned tomato products, which seem to be on the boarder of the recommended 4.6 ph level for using the water-bath method.

    I’ve watched several youtube videos where individuals canned their own sauce, and I’ve seen a few methods of acidifying, but most commonly I see people simply toss in a teaspoon of lemon juice per pint right on the top, and throw on the lid. My question is, does the lemon juice have to be mixed into the sauce thoroughly for safety, or is it sufficient to just squirt the lemon juice on the top? I worry that stirring may introduce contaminants after the sauce has been cooked.

    Any insight into this?

    Thank you in advance.

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