Ad Astra per Aspera

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    To the Stars with Difficulty

    What a beautiful State Motto. Of course not as famous as some of our fellow States, but an accurate and elegant one for a State that many think less of.

    Ingalls, serving as Secretary of the Senate at the time, sketched a simple design that depicted a single star rising from the clouds at the base of a field. A constellation of 33 stars at the top of the seal was to represent the other states then in the Union. The rising star symbolized Kansas joining the Union after a stormy struggle. Considering the hard lives of early Kansas pioneers and the tough battles that Kansas had gone through and won to become the 34th state, John James Ingalls thought it fitting that Ad Astra per Aspera be displayed on the seal and adopted as the state motto. He had first seen these words “…on an old brass seal in the office of the gentleman with whom I read law in Haverhill, Mass., in 1857. The same thought is expressed in many different ways, but ‘Ad astra per aspera’ seemed the most melodious, and so I selected it for my sketch.”” onclick=”;return false

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