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    Looks like the APN is now the new advertising board for people to peddle their products.

    This used to be an outstanding forum (at one time) and now it’s gone to the dogs.

    What a shame!!!!!!!!!! I’M DONE, there are plenty other good forums out there. Time to move on.


    I’ve been getting rid of the spam as much as I can when I find it, but need to have people let me know where it is, so it can be dealt with. Unfortunately, this new format does NOT let me ban spammers, or find all of their posts from their profiles like the old board did.


    I use the Recent Activity option to see the current stuff. Most of the recent spammers seem to be just posting updates and not topics. But they are incredibly numerous and persistent lately.


    If you click on Recent Activity, it shows all the advertisements.

    I was one of the people who left the old Yahoo! group to come to APN because it was a great forum with thousands of useful posts on every topic related to prepping that one could think of.

    Now, it really seems as if the only active forums are the Introduce Yourself, and the monthly What Did You Do To Prep This Week/Month (which I generally start), plus a lot of spam.

    Many of the forums that show lots of topics are actually empty of any content. The header is there, but the posts are not.

    I am finding that ReadyMom’s Emergency Home Preparation is better laid out, and has a ton of information that she managed to save from many different places, including the old APN forums. And all the links work!

    Here is the link to that forum:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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