AG Lynch, announces " Global Police Initiative" within the

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    More somber news. AG, Lynch announced at the UN this week the Global Police Force Initiative.

    To be carried out in larger cities, who signed up for the ” perks” this is a UN heavy initiative, and as pointed out, an end run around our senate and congress.

    This is the civilian police force Obama spoke of, during his first term. This is bad news.

    Think about it like this.

    Your Police, and other enforcement branches ARE sworn to protect the constitution. The constitutional guarantees we currently enjoy, like our bill of rights, are ” Protected”

    A civilian force, a foreign force ARE NOT SWORN LEO/, and are not held to that constitutional standard.

    Miranda right, nope, unlawful search and seizure, guaranteed. These ” agents” serve the UN, and not the country, or citizens of Said country.

    Bottom line, how does a citizen hold accountable a UN, agent, who has not sworn alliegence to our nation.

    Interesting times.

    Tic Toc.


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