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    I have been prepping since 2012. My main concern? A tsunami that wipes out the power grid. In previous disasters that have been fairly widespread, it did not take long at all before signs of desperation started creeping in. In a local sense, few are prepared, and everyone rushes to the costco, foodland, and safeway to empty the shelves when something bears down on us. After witnessing several of these panic-driven desperate crowds on the brink of losing their humanity, well, here I am.

    As far as water, I have 4 cases of 15 2l water bottles. Also have several Katadyn Vario water microfiltesr as well as a couple of Lifestraws in my various bug out bags. I also store 28 homemade vacuum sealed MREs with enough food to feed an adult and child for an entire day. I also have several buckets of longterm foods entrees, along with 5-gallon buckets of white rice sealed in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Also, a 5 gallon portable Luggable Loo for obvious reasons. My GF and I have started a garden to provide some sustainable food sources.

    My bug out bag contains multiple tools, portable stove, weapons and ammo and an extremely comprehensive first aid kit. Each family member has a bug out bag of their own in a known location. These contain extra clothes, toys and coloring books for the kids, and medications for each individual. Everyone has an old pair of shoes next to or under their beds in case we need to move fast.

    I have a 2 adult and 2 child family. As we all know, in Hawaii there is no bugging out unless you are uber rich. Where you are is where you stay unless you are one of the unlucky ones within the tsunami evacuation areas. In that case, you better be lucky enough to know someone like us.

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