Alaska Prepper Meet Up?

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    I was reading the paper & saw this. I am not going but I was wondering if anyone was going. This is the first I have heard of it but I am not in town much so there might have been some earlier advertisements that I missed. Must be a pretty big meet up to make the paper, and the Talkeetna location should bring in a big crowd from the Los Anchorage area.

    If anyone goes please share how it was & if it will be a annual thing. I don’t get south much but if it is going to be happening every year I might have to make a trip next year, should be a good place to network or at least I might be able to pick up some freight hauling work to remote locations.

    I am getting into remote logistics this coming winter instead of trapping, anyone need freight moved to the middle of nowhere P.M. me. I should be in town for a week or two repairing equipment & grinding/wrapping meat from spring hunts. I will do 1500 pound loads in the hills & 3000 pound loads on the flats by snowmachine. River loads are dependent on water depth. Interior or North Slope locations only.

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