Alaska: Seed Saving Workshop – Ester / Fairbanks

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    I saw a flier for a seed saving workshop in ester. It is September 14 at 2 pm at Hartung Hall, the same place as the seed swap (Seedy Saturday) in the spring. They are demonstrating on tomatoes; and you are requested to bring ripe tomatoes, glass jar & lid, towels & sharp knife. There will also be a tomato tasting put on by pingo farm & zone 1 grown. This is part of the Ester Biodiversity Program. Anyone who plans on having a garden as part of their preps would do well to pick up some knowledge on seed saving, as well as make some contacts with people who have a vast amount of knowledge in the art of growing and harvesting open pollinated edible plants. The flier said to contact Deirdre Helfferich at 479-3368 if you need more info. This is not a prepper event but most in the interior are preppers that just don’t call themselves preppers, it’s the end on the supply line and winter is always coming.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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