All-In-One Outdoor Oven, Stove, Grill & Smoker

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    Just got the latest issue of Mother Earth news yesterday (my favorite, though very liberal and I’m definitely NOT liberal LOL). There was a cool how-to article in there about how to build an All-In-One Outdoor Oven, Stove, Grill & Smoker. I thought it was a pretty neat how-to. It’s not currently available online but if interested in purchasing an issue at the book store, it’s the April/May 2010 issue. Looks like a simple project for those who are good at things like that.

    I live in southern Louisiana in a mobile home. Cooking in the middle of the summer really heats up the house and drives up the electricity bill. I am still collecting the materials to build a solar cooker (have most of them) and hope that I can have it done by the summer to start using it then. anyways, on my long and ever-growing lists of homesteading “wants” (for when and if I ever do get land of my own LOL) is to have an outdoor kitchen. Based on articles I’ve read lately from magazines such as this, it makes me realize that it’s not as hard or expensive as it sounds. It’s definitely something I plan to do one day… so I thought that this how-to article was definitely a keeper for future reference.

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