Alternate power for medical devices

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    Im not certain if this is the best forum to post in but I can sure use some help solving what has become a high hurdle in our prep plans…Im hoping someone could shoot some ideas for how best to power a medical device? I have waded through enough conflicting information now to be totally confused. We are a muti-generational family of 6. A member of my family uses and needs a Cpap machine. I am in need of ideas for portable, safe to use indoor power solutions. Does anyone out there in the community have this issue to prepare for? I am not comfortable with using a deep cell battery+inverter….the manufacturer battery packs are super expensive and your still left with the need to re-charge them. I have considered a portable solar briefcase type device but dont know if it would work for then powering a portable power source (like the packs you can get to jump start your car) and then take that portable source inside or on the road if needed. Any suggestions are appreciated. Needs to be portable, semi inexpensive and safe to use indoors.

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