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    Ham Radio Licensing Information

    For those of you who are interested in communication there is The Amateur Radio System. It includes frequencies set aside for the public to use when licensed . You have to pass a test with 35 out of 50 questions answered correctly. This Year the cost for the test is $15.00
    All of this information is available on line There arte several sources
    The FCC = Federal Communications Comission
    ARRL = American Radio Relay League
    Lists Clubs, Locations of Test sites, Publishes Books.
    Your Local City ,County Government, Fire Dept Disaster planning departments may have the names of local sources of clubs , tests.
    The North American Ham Radio Club on line
    The American Legion , and the Salvation Army both have Amateur Radio Clubs
    Study Information is available online Some is FREE Some is NOT FREE
    HamTestonLine Practice Exams
    Ham Radio Study Guide
    NC4FB $2.00 to register Has test questions with answers and track your progress
    Gordon West Radio School

    Most current Ham Operators are willing to help or advise new people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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