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    Imagine suddenly arising for work in the morning with that overslept feeling and then looking to your alarm clock to see only blackness on the display. You grab your cell phone but it does not turn on. Frustration turns to concern when you find your watch is just all gray. Your laptop power button does nothing, and when you pick up the home phone, you hear complete silence. Looking out the window there are groups of neighbors talking to each other while a bunch of people looking under the hoods of their cars. There is no traffic on the streets other than a few bicycles whizzing-by. Even in your bathroom, there is no running water.

    Is this happening in just your neighborhood? Or the entire town? Could this be the whole country or even the whole world? Was this an act of terrorism? Or did another nation attack us? Is this the mother of all solar flares? Will this last an hour? A day? A week? A month? A year? The answers from your neighbors are likely to be all of the above and then some. Because about everything is based on rumor and near panic. Do you try to get to work if you can? Certainly if you have a job at a hospital or fire department but otherwise, you will likely stay home.

    Most shops will not open because their employees cannot get there even if their customers can. Most already open shops will close so their employees can make their way home. And we can tell you what is likely happening at nearest open grocery store. It will be cash only, limited to 10 to 20 people in the store at a time, rapidly decreasing stock inside, and increasingly longer lines of agitated people outside. Bottled water and canned goods will be the first to go. Bread, cookies, crackers, and other snack foods will be next. Board of Health regulations means management may not even be selling their supply of meats, dairy or other supposed to be refrigerated items. As soon as things get unruly inside or out they will try to close for fear it may get looted. It probably will be too late.

    Cars are not running and ATMs are not working. Banks will be closed tight. There will be few to no police but many people with guns. Grocery stores that did not open may be looted before sundown. Pharmacies, jewelry, and liquor stores will be raided after dark if not sooner. It is really surprising that Hollywood has not done a movie that starts like this yet; the closest was Tom Cruz at the beginning of War of the Worlds. There was also an old Twilight Zone episode about invading Martians shutting down the power to just one street, and then watching the panic as neighbors turn on one another.

    Yet this is not alien invasion fiction. Virtually every electronic device would be affected, depending on the source and severity. Effect could range from the damage or destruction of every power transformer and cell phone tower to every weather and communication satellite. Consider these recent articles from two major news organizations:

    Solar Flares Could Be Earth’s Next Katrina
    http:/ /

    EM P: The Next Weapon of Mass Destruction?
    http:/ /,8599,1976224,00.html

    However, an EMP does not have to fry everything in your home. Imprescient recommends that you shield at least one of your portable radios and a pair of walkie-talkies from threat of electro-magnetic pulse. It may be days before someone is broadcasting on various radio bands but at least you will be ready to hear the news when they do.

    Simply take a zip lock bag and seal your radio in it. Then wrap it all up in aluminum foil. That’s it. Don’t believe this would be an effective defense? Wrap your cell phone up like that and try to give yourself a call. It won’t ring and any message will not go through until you take it out of the shielding.

    To stay abreast of latest major or off-beat headlines of concern, we invite all those who understand the value in being prepared to bookmark and often check our links page while they have the time.

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