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    I am 30 minutes into American Blackout. All snarkiness aside, because I KNOW how all the keyboard kommandoes are READY for everything but missing their flight for the rapture, I believe a mature and humble person can learn from many sources. So the key here is- What are your lessons learned from watching this depiction? Some basic ground rules. First STAY ON THE OP TOPIC! Second, snarky editorializing of the depiction, NatGeo, or other similar things will be grounds for off-post reporting. And third, you can RESPECTFULLY disagree or debate with people but crossing the bounds of civil discourse will be reportable. Ok, let us begin.

    I am pondering how to include some work gloves into my EDC. I have PLENTY in the GHB and vehicle but the elevator scene showed me how those might as well be on Mars if in an entrapment situation.

    More to come as I continue watching….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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