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    The second book in my War Corps series, titled, AMERICAN JIHAD is being released on September 1, 2017. All of my series books are stand alone novels with complete plots.

    When the Towers fell on 9/11 American Arab Aden Saud lost his parents and was left with a burning desire to take the war to the terrorists—one bullet at a time. He travels to Iraq and begins hunting terrorist leaders—and soon finds himself hunted by the terrorists, the Iraqi police and even the CIA. But when the CIA agent charged with finding him tumbles to a plot to attack an American city with a WMD the rules of engagement change completely.

    Please visit my author’s website to read a sample chapter of this book and all my others.

    TAP DOUBT: Your Next Drink of Water Could Kill You–the first book in the War Corps series is available on Amazon.

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