Ammo Shortages in Wyoming? Gadzooks!

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    For the first time… probably since the shortages of World War two, there is a genuine dearth of ammunition in some areas of Wyoming.

    My son lives over near Sheridan… he said he was in Big R, which is one of the biggest gun and ammo retailers in that area. All of the guns had their prices blacked-out on the tags and the only .22 ammo on the shelves was birdshot. Clerk said they’ve had customers from as far as Casper looking for .22 ammunition.

    I haven’t paid much attention to the ammo situation ove in my area… being a long-time prepper, I was well-stocked when the buying started. But come on Wyoming people… you didn’t have the sense to stock up? You didn’t see the writing on the wall? Bought a bigscreen tv instead?

    Billings TV carried this story recently…

    KULR-TV updated 2/4/2013 8:47:06 PM ET

    BILLINGS – Kevin Wagner made the drive from his home in Wyoming to Shipton’s store in Billings for one item: ammunition. Kevin is not the only person making this trek, since Wyoming stores are completely sold out of many types of ammo. “I know Wyoming is out completely of many calibers of ammo and we’ve still got a pretty good stock of it,” Shipton’s Big R Salesman Cody Hartman said.

    Cody Hartman works at the Shipton’s Big R West. He’s seeing a wave of customers driving up from the Cowboy State.

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