anesthsia: di-ethyl ether

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    I read an article on shtf anesthesia ( and found it helpful. I know that I don’t want to prepare to be a shtf anesthetist any more than I want to be a shtf brain surgeon. I do think it as much as I can reasonably do to have materials on hand in a crisis that I hope a trained person will be able to use. Di-ethyl ether appears to be an agent with the best balance among factors of safety, cost effectiveness and adequacy. The market for di-ethyl ether is kind of like for antibiotics; antibiotics are controlled by prescription but you can buy them without restraint for yor your fish or your birds. Di-ethyl ether use for anesthesia is strongly discouraged and you can’t buy any that states in its labelling or literatures that it’s effective for anesthesia . You can buy it by the gallon (slight exageration) if you want it as a lab regent, for photography or to spray down a carburetor.

    All that being said, is this stuff appropriate for the way it is still being used in “developing nations”? Ether, Anhydrous, Reagent Grade, 500 mL, Synonym: Ethyl ether, Formula:(C2H5)2O Found here: It’sa great price compared to other search hits.

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    I thought you were going to post about kitchen cooking chloroform – that circulated around until it was finally banned ….

    ether is a restricted product in that cncentrated form ….

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