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    One prep that most people over look is prepping for a financial problem. We seem to concentrate on what I call the three B’s. Beans, Bullets, and Bandaids, which is great to do these preps. BUT sometimes they aren’t quite enough. Recently due to a “freak” situation at work I was injured. A little explaination here. i drive an 18 wheeler delivering bread for a local/regional bakery. While unloading bread from the back of the trailer an elderly man backed into the ramp I use to unload, knocking me off the ramp and to the concrete 4′ below. Due to a computer glitch the police did not find out to later that his ( the other driver) license was revoked for failing his vision test. So they let him go after making an accident report. Since he had no license his auto insurance company ( car was insured) said he was not covered and they will not pay my medical bills or lost wages.

    Since it was deemed as an auto accident workers comp said they are not responsible for payment either, Kentucky being a no fault state for insurance, makes things different. After speaking to a lawyer friend who practices in the state my odds of any kind of recovery there are slim to none. So I am/was left with medical bills and lost wages to dwal with.

    Fortionatlly I have good health insurance at work that will pay my medical bills so I am okay there. Thanks mostly to my wife we have a good amount of money in savings to equal about 3 months of wages for both of us. So I have that to fall back on. Things look like I may be able to go back to work in a week or two so I have lost only three weeks so far maybe six weeks total. Thank the wife for her contribution to our preps.

    The point i am making is Please don’t overlook that phase of your prepping for an emergency. It’s great for us having over a year of food preps, great to have 3 generators and 3oo gallons of emergency fuel,Good to have the medical supplies and meds we need for a long while on hand, awsome to have plenty of stored water and a well for more. Wondreful to have 18 years of good military training to face multiple scenerios.

    But having the finances to fall back on in a bad situation is a great feeling.

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