Another Govt lie, acquitted

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    Despite every unethical trick in the book, despite the murder of an innocent man, a jury has acquitted Amon Bundy and associates. Federal Judge Anna Brown used every court trick to suppress physical evidence, and limited testimony in her attempt to ramrod a guilty verdict for these people.

    The jury unanimously, found all defendants NOT GUILTY, as charged.

    Bundies lawyer demanded the immediate release of the acquitted.,and was denied by Brown whom witnesses say was clearly shaken by the verdict.

    The lawyer, was surrounded by US Marshalls as he address the court demanding his clients release. The Marshalls Tazed him at least one time, and charged him With bogus charges. He was arraigned, cited and released this morning.

    In summary, freedom one a round today. The FBI and other Federal govt agencies, and their cohorts the Oregon State Police, have failed in their stacking the deck against these men and women.

    LaVoy Finicum was still murdered by being shot in the back three times by OSP SWAT, and the FBI HRT unit who was caught shooting, at Finnicums truck and then policed their brass, and denied that action, are still on the streets. O yea, the FBI HRT guys lawyered end up at depositions.
    Your tax dollars in action.

    In a million years I would have never seen this wise jury standing tall, reviewing the evidence, and hearing the testimony of 15 that’s FIFTEEN undercover agents who were inside the wire at Malhur refuge.

    In testimony we the people learned that

    1, 15 undercover agents present.
    2 undercover personal are responsible for setting up the firing range, and conducting weapons training on the refuge.
    3 undercover personal were responsible for the arm security upon the refuge, to include training for the guards noted on the media, challenging vehicles approaching the refuge.
    4. Undercover agents arranged and drove the second vehicle that was stopped by unmarked, and not in uniformed OSP troopers and FBI agents, in UN marked, non traditional trucks and SUVs.

    I could go on and on, with this cluster F- CK.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the AGs office was up late into the night. A message was sent from Portlamd Oregon yesterday afternoon that we the people are sick and tired of the corruption and unlawful actions coming out of this administration.

    It is my thought that things ARE changing. The People ARE seeing and understanding truth from fiction.

    Case law was set yesterday, which will send a message to the Nevada federal courts, that their slam dunk Bundy case may just not be as slam dunk as they think.

    This is a HUGE HUGE setback for the govt.

    The long term implications are not fully understood by me, however a case very similar to this a couple hundred years ago, sett up what we know as Writ of Habus Corpus, standings. When a then kings judge instructed a jury to find the defendants guilty.





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