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    Greetings! I just found this “Self Sufficiency books online” from a New Zealand blog. They all appear to be stored on Scribd, so they may be duplicates of previous lists; but maybe not.

    Frankly, to me, what’s amazing isn’t just that I found this list, it’s WHERE I found it. It was a red-highlighted article on, which is a Catholic news aggregation website which doesn’t usually link to this sort of stuff.

    The content of the website changes daily, so expect to see it dropped off the page in a few days.

    edit: To me, it’s also telling that the “picture of the day” (which is usually some inspirational photo or great work of religious art) is a painting that shows Noah, ark almost finished in the background, exhorting a laughing crowd to “Prepare!” Kinda what I feel like, sometimes…

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