Another Week, Another Winter Storm…

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    Zombie Axe

    Well looks like we are getting another storm. Sleeting pretty good right now.

    Got the GHB/Stranded bag in the truck and made sure I threw in the Chainsaw. Got a 45 minute drive tomorrow which will take quit awhile if the roads are like they been being here lately!

    May get a chance to show off the GHB tomorrow as we may not venture out… which is VERY rare for us to not be out in it. Plan on boiling a pot of water to make some coffee in my french press mug!!! YUMMY!!!

    Made sure to get a little cash out to keep on hand as sometimes the ATM’s will not run your debit cards.

    Think I am gonna take the DSLR with me to get some good pics… but as usual I will have the iPhone camera capabilities in case I see anything interesting!

    Stay safe, watch your six and keep your powder dry!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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