Antifa Protest Movement Danger To Preppers

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    This is just a heads-up warning and cautioning for preppers on a rising leftist movement that could effect you or your family. There have been a lot of violent and destructive protests from hard leftist groups now being called “Antifa” or “Anti-fascists”. The guise is that the groups of anarchists, Black Lives Matter, LGBT, and ill-informed college students are banding together to fight for civil liberties and against fascists. They are in fact a very loud collection of minority groups who are destroying property and committing violent acts against conservative thought and speech. We’ve seen this on several college campuses in the last year that invite conservative speakers and most recently in Charlottesville, VA. This group just got ignited under Obama and the anti-police movement he forwarded. They just got another huge push when one was killed by a racist in Charlottesville over the weekend.

    Why does this concern you and yours? There is a direct threat of danger to people anywhere in or around areas of “protests” or rallies, especially if you are identified as conservative. Everyone has a right to the liberties granted by the Constitution of the U.S. (even butthead racists). They are not allowing free speech when it goes against their agendas. They use “counter-protests” as a guise to intimidate and destroy. They are organized, well funded, and showing up armed wherever they can get away with it. Police are afraid of using any tactics to control them (for fear of being labled “heavy-handed”). They are burning, looting, and shooting at some of their protests. They freely assault and intimidate people at their protests. Remember all the interstate shutdown marched last year? I caution you all to mind conservative stickers on your vehicles. They make you a target as do any patriotic or conservative symbols. Imagine being attacked in your vehicle by a mob of hundreds. What will you do? When you fight back you will be crusified by the loudest public court of opinion if you even escape alive. Caution your kids to stay away from these gatherings, protests, and counter-protests. Alt-Right groups are doing the same thing but are not funded or socially accepted like the Antifa folks. Both of these groups are getting worse and we will continue to see extremism turn to domestic terrorism in the future. This may directly impact you and yours. Stay safe.


    Similar groups to Antifa, and made up of those same people, were out protesting against law, order, and reason, this past weekend. Any city over 10,000 people is vulnerable to these overzealous and brainwashed groups.

    It will not matter what the government does or does not do, these groups are funded and controlled by people (some from outside our country) who are intent on creating mayhem in our society, and they will never go away.

    Remaining inconspicuous and aware of your situation and surroundings is paramount. Also, if you can find any reliable way to track the planning of these “protests” (riots) utilize those methods, and if you can, post those methods here for others to use.

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