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    Howdy. I’m a newbie to this site from Maine. I’m nearing retirement (maybe) after nearly 40 years working as a state wildlife biologist. After divorcing and renting a place for several years to accommodate an adopted son with behavioral issues, I finally found a rustic homestead to buy with 20 acres and few modern conveniences. I finally have my own place again (at least for now) where I split wood for my heat and lug my own water. But it’s mine and I owe no one … well, except the damn dentist who keeps hitting on my wallet. It feels really good to be out from under an oil bill, although there are a pair of propane tanks that need refilling. My electric bill has been averaging about $17.00/month since September. I’m going to be starting in to do some maintenance and improve this place so as to become primarily self-reliant … water, wood supply, gardens, canning, etc. Prepping has been on my radar screen for a year or two, but I’ve not made major gains at this point except for awareness. To be honest, I’ve spent quite a bit of time and resources this winter in trying to get secure in my stock of firearms and munitions. I know you can’t eat gunpowder or take shelter in your gun cabinet. But the recent trends/events, and the way this country is degrading is scary/crazy to me, and I mean to be able to protect myself and what is precious and essential to me if it comes to that. Still, I see the need to be investing time and resources in other requisites and improvements going forward. I hope that my participation here will help towards that end. Cheers! :thumbup:

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