Any established groups in the south shore

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    Hello everyone,

    New member here, I have been browsing around the website for a couple weeks now I have read some really interesting articles and I’ve gathered some really useful information. I am new to prepping like brand new I have started to put together a couple of go bags for me and my family. I really feel like something big like an economic collapse or civil war is inevitable history does repeat itself maybe another WW.

    All the information I’ve read suggest chances are better with a group of fellow preppers obviously more experienced preppers. I’m new to the area I live in and have been scouting for a bug out location which has been difficult to find. If there are any groups or fellow preppers in the south shore or anyone close just south of Boston Pm me or reply to the post. If anyone has any suggestions they are greatly appreciated.


    Hi, I am also new to the area and in the south shore. Hoping to connect with local preppers. We are very new to prepping and would love any advice or shared knowledge. Would like to start a local group if anyone else is interested.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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