ANY Iowa preppers out there?????

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    Hey there, New here. Not new to prepping though.
    We have been doing this for several months. Food supplies and water treatment are priorities for us.
    We have been canning our own foods. Meats are a priority for us. Canning meats is almost a lost art.
    Cold pack canning is the best for nutrition etc. READ UP ON THIS!!!!
    Others may already know about how to make a biosand water filter. But I see no info about this anywhere on this forum. So,
    I will give some links to this simple but totally safe way to filter dirty water and how to make the filter for about 25.00 out of very easy to find components.
    Some of the things we have gathered are: 8 acres for growing and hunting, FOOD -FOOD- FOOD, water purification system, shortwave radio, 2 WOODBURNERS , Guns and ammo for both self defense and for hunting, 2 bows for hunting,
    spring traps for trapping w( bait scents,skinning knives etc)
    A large alcohol still : for making ethanol and UHHH …. some of Granny’s Rumatiz Medicine!!! This we believe will be valuable for bartering purposes. We are presently finetuning our “Etahnol” making skills .
    Bartering we think will be the way of the future if all hell breaks loose and we think it will.
    Silver; as we really can’t afford any gold at current prices and we believe silver will be more in reach for the common man to trade with.
    Plenty of solid clothes and boots etc.
    We still need to work on : First aid – emergency medical etc.
    But I think we have a good start. We have a large garden every summer and believe we could be fairly self sufficient if we add chickens this year. The deer (corn fed) population in Iowa is abundant as are rabbits,turkeys and pheasants.
    Our personal beliefs are that we still probably have a year or so to get ready – but we believe the finanacial system is melting down and there is no stopping the momentum. Hyperinflation at the very least – societal meltdown at the worst.

    Ether way we don’t want to be standing there asking why we didn’t prepare. If nothing happens – well we will have some good food to eat and supplies to keep us safe. My money is on the meltdown.
    nice to find this forum!!!


    Welcome mltplmom – we are glad to have you here as it sounds like you got much to share! looking forward to learning a lot from you!


    welcome aboard, Illinois here


    Greetings from the environs of the People’s Republic of Iowa City! What part of the state do you hail from?


    Wow, mltplmom, I am SO jealous of your 8 acres and 2 Woodburners! My husband and I are trying to figure out how to incorporate 1 into our house! (At least I’ve got him to where he WANTS one!) Sounds like you are off to a good start!

    I agreee with you that our money is on the fast track to a meltdown. That’s why I’m trying to get as much of the “prep” items as I can NOW, while I still can.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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