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    After some consideration I feel it’s in the best interest of the forum, and more importantly, to myself, to step down as the Massachusetts moderator.

    I really just want to be a regular poster and remove myself from the blurred lines between being that and a state moderator. Too much behind the scenes drama about “policing” this forum and overreaction to what constitutes a good post and what doesn’t has led me to this decision.

    The mods, overall, are a great bunch of people and it’s been my pleasure to be a part of that group.

    However, I find myself more in the camp of the “non-mod” and realize this would probably be a better fit.

    I’ve sent PM’s to those who may be interested and encourage anyone in MA who wants to talk to NIP(Tom Martin) to do so.

    I think someone else should have a chance at this, in all fairness, and I have no regrets offering it to anyone who wants it.

    Good luck!

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