Anybody shop at Harbor Freight?

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    Photon Guy

    I’ve checked out Harbor Freight and while they’ve got really good prices for some stuff, with the products it looks like you get what you pay for. I was checking out one of their safes which is supposed to be used for storing anything of value, jewelry, firearms, property deeds, ect. and while it was about half the price of what you would pay for a safe at Dicks, it was absolute junk. The walls and door weren’t all that thick, the hinges squeaked when you opened it, and while it certainly looked like it would be easy enough to pry open with a crowbar I wouldn’t be surprised of somebody could just bash it open with a hammer. It’s not the kind of safe I would want to store firearms in. While some of their products might be good, lots of them look second rate and you could probably get some stuff that’s better at Walmart. So anybody got any experience with Harbor Freight? Would you recommend shopping there? Or would you recommend not shopping there?

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