Anyone out there in Arizona?

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    I’m new to the network and was hoping to chat more with people who have our unique desert prepping considerations.

    Let’s see some other AZ preppers on here!

    Dan in Tucson.


    Welcome to the board. I’m sure some folks from your part of the world will be along shortly. Illinois out……..


    Hi. Going to be living in Mesa very soon. On my way home from Iraq shortly.


    There are many preppers up here in Northern AZ…I’m near Winslow.


    I live in Queen Creek. I’m usually lurking around the main forum.

    Bit about me:

    13 years military
    Homeland Security/Emergency Management major from AMU
    Been prepping for 2 years

    I realized I had PTSD when I returned from my second deployment to Iraq. I was wound so tight and very negative against the complacency I see in most civilians that I redirected that irritation into the education I recently completed and decided to go prepping crazy. I hit it pretty hard the first 1 1/2 years, but have considerably slowed down since I hit some major benchmarks in my prepping goals. Now I spend my free time learning to garden, recycle some items for emergency firestarters, camping/emergency cooking, and learning survival skills. This is a gradual thing and I try to teach some of it to my cub scouts. Most of my family has pegged me as paranoid or obsessed, some are in agreement with me, but haven’t made any solid efforts, and others are the fly by night type and said they knew where to go if something goes wrong (they meant my house). Friends and neighbors, well, I don’t tell them what I have. In the end though, prepping is what helps me keep my sanity in a chaotic world and helps turn the negativity into something positive. I like to be prepared.


    I’m from Tucson and just joined. I’m glad there is a forum like this out there. I hope to meet some of you sometime. Maybe an Arizona prepper retreat sometime??



    I am also new- just joined today- good to know that there are some from AZ out there- we don’t seem to be repesented as much as some other states. Maybe we can change that. I’m 70 mi E of Tucson.


    I’m a newbie too – been snooping in forums for hours today and some really cool stuff here! I’m in Tucson for now — we just put home up for sale (FSBO) and hope to relocate back to midwest summer or fall. Stay safe out there, j


    South of Tucson in occupied Mexico.


    Rich in Phoenix here. Part of a small group of like minded folks. Would love to hear from others nearby.


    Hi again everyone and welcome chileverde & spinr! I hear ya chileverde – we don’t go down south much anymore. Used to run to Nogales now & then or hike / snoop in Patagonia, Madera, Miller Pk, etc but not anymore. Mostly due to hubby’s health but just not interested. Back in the 90s we were looking at properties down towards Santa Cruz and lower Cochise county but didn’t work out (and glad now).

    I’m still kinda new at all this stuff but wanted to let you know I’m contributing to the ‘zona Preppers blog few times a month. (Not sure what I’m doing yet but getting the hang of it! 🙂 Ck out” onclick=”;return false; and let me know whatcha think! And feel free to join in with your blog posts too.

    I’ll also make a point of popping in here more often to chat too altho I’m like GMM – I hang out in main forum a lot since sponging all I can. Got SO much to learn and do .. and we’re so not ready. We’d be fine for a month or so but want to get setup more long term and semi off grid. Trying to sell Tucson home, keep our biz alive and find a cool personal farm back in midwest over the next year. But always remember… one step and one day at a time!! Take care, j


    Out here in Kingman, living off grid and just started prepping, to learn more I do have a blog, email and I’ll send it along…


    Hi kingazjay and welcome! Would love to ck out your blog — I think there’s a way to put it in your signature line on profile if you wanna share it with others (but I’m kinda new to this so still learning.) Keep in touch as you can – lot of awesome stuff in forums. j


    Hi everyone! My first post here! I’m out in Avondale and hoping to learn a lot more and maybe we can help each other!

    mr bill

    Hi joni, welcome aboard.

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